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Index to Nautical Research Journal added

This blog is slightly delayed, but it’s definitely better late than never. I added some particularly valuable content last week and haven’t yet mentioned it here on the blog. In addition to several books, I’ve added entries from the first 40 years of Nautical Research Journal, 1948 to 1995. This is particularly valuable to researchers because NRJ is written for model shipbuilders, so it provides lots of technical and specific information about individual vessels. Just a day or two after adding it, I was able to put it to great use in assisting one subscriber in looking for an illustration of a specific ship. Among just these three resources, I added over 15,500 new citations, and over 1600 completely new vessels. The specific resources just added are:

As always, if you come across specific resources that you’d like to see added, please let us know, at comments (at) shipindex (dot) org. Trial at Coastal Carolina Univ

Students, faculty, and staff at Coastal Carolina University can access a trial of the institutional version of for the next month or so. Please check it out. More information is posted at the News from Kimbel Library blog. If you use it in Kimbel Library and find it useful, please be sure to tell a librarian.

Several other institutions are also running trials of — is yours? If not, check with your friendly reference librarian or electronic resources librarian and ask them to contact us to see about getting one set up. (We provide institutional subscriptions to — and therefore run trials for — public libraries, academic libraries, historical societies, maritime museums, and more. It may be that an institution you know could provide access for you so you don’t need to subscribe yourself!)

New Content: Am Nep index, 1991-95

I just uploaded content from a five-year index to American Neptune, covering 1991 through 1995, to the premium database. Adding this sort of content is likely the most useful for the most users; it’s great to have one place where you can locate content online from numerous sources, but locating print-only content is a lot trickier.

I have a number of other journal indexes to add, and I want to get them done as quickly as I can. I’m working on it…

The ships mentioned in the 50-year index to American Neptune remain in the freely-available database; they’ll stay there permanently. Newly added content, however, will be going into the premium database.

As always, let me know of content you think should be added.