Monthly Archives: June 2010

More new content, and a new relationship

I’ve added the following content since the last time I posted a list:

I’d like to highlight a few bits of this. First, I’ve now added an additional 15 years of indexes from Mariner’s Mirror, for a total of 25 years. Mariner’s Mirror is almost certainly the most important journal in maritime history, so it’s great to have that content added here. I will keep working through the remaining indexes, and hope to have them added soon.

Second, I want to point out the content I’ve added from I contacted Mick there, to see if he could provide a file of its content so I could add that to, and he did me one better – he created a way for me to get a completely updated file on the content in whenever I want.

From the files he automatically generates, I take a lot of information – see, for example, the information for La Surveillante. But remember that he’s got lots more information at his site; this just tells you that you should be checking out what he’s got over there. And if you didn’t know about before searching, then you’ve found information you didn’t have before!

This is great, and I look forward to more of these relationships. We’re actively working on others, but I’m thrilled that the first one, with, is now live. Thanks a ton, Mick!

New feature: Passenger and Crew Lists icons

When we exhibited at the National Genealogical Society conference recently, we quickly learned that lots of genealogists are looking for passenger and crew lists. We knew we had some of them in the database, but they weren’t identified. I’m pleased to report that we now have an icon to indicate which citations describe passenger or crew lists.

Mike built the functionality a little while ago, but I hadn’t activated it until today. If you currently have access to the premium database, check out the following searches to see it in action:

  • Admiral Lyons
  • Loreto – results are way down at the bottom; they come from Mystic Seaport’s New London Crew Lists database
  • Lady Amherst – this result is from a database that I just discovered and loaded today, of immigration lists for vessels headed to Australia in the 19th century. It offers links to digitized versions of microfilmed versions of hand-written passenger lists.
  • Acropolis

You do need to be logged in to see these icons, at least at the moment.

Let me know what you think!

Mariners Mirror content added

Yesterday,  I added content from ten years of indexes to Mariners’ Mirror, the core journal in maritime history. I’ve added the indexes to Volumes 76 to 80, and Volumes 86 to 90.

The index to volumes 86 to 90 include photos, plates, and some illustrations, which I’ve noted here.

I’ll better clarify the years of coverage, and fill in more gaps, in the next few weeks. Many more years of Mariners’ Mirror are on the way, however.