gets beautiful new OCLC record

This blog posting is way overdue, as are several others, but this one’s first. I’m excited to report that has a beautiful new OCLC record! This is actually pretty neat, at least to a librarian. And, the truth is, the site has had an OCLC record for quite a while. But it was embarassingly out of date, so I want to thank Cindy Hepfer and Jen Brand at the University of Buffalo Libraries for updating the old OCLC record, and making a super-beautiful new one.

So, if you want to add a link to to your online catalog, please find and add OCLC#44563336 to your catalog. Or you may want to add a link to to your online resources pages, such as your pages for history or genealogy resources. Or do both!

Thanks again to Jen and Cindy. We’re official now!

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