Hot Snot! ShipIndex is back in business!

As Doc Hudson says when he takes over as Lighting McQueen’s crew chief in the Piston Cup tie-breaking race, “Hot Snot! We are back in business!”

Over the past ten days or so, the crew at had some technical issues that we had to address, but we worked on ‘em, and we solved ‘em. Over the course of today, you’ll see a dramatic increase in the number of references in the index; assuming nothing else goes haywire, there should be over ONE MILLION references in the index by the end of tomorrow. We’re adding content from one major resource, and will be adding content from many other resources, as well, through the course of the next two days.

Keep an eye on the number of entries in the premium database through the course of the day. At the moment, it’s at 713,476, but it’ll be growing rapidly.

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