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I just finished uploading 5000+ additional citations today, which reminds me that it’s about time for an update on what’s been added in the past few weeks. With the most recent import, I’ve added content from three of the five books in Paul Silverstone’s “U.S. Navy Warship Series”. The series covers the history of the US Navy from 1775 to 2007, in a series of five attractive and comprehensive books, published by the Naval Institute Press and Routledge.

I’ve added Civil War Navies, 1855-1883; The Navy of World War II, 1922-1947; and The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007. I still need to work through and add index content from The Sailing Navy, 1775-1854 and The New Navy, 1883-1922. Of the ones I’ve added so far, the WWII volume (added today) and the Nuclear Age volume each have over 5,000 entries in their indexes. The Civil War volume has many fewer, and unfortunately doesn’t include any merchant vessels in the index, which is certainly a shame.

Anyway, here’s a list of most of what I’ve added since the last listing of newly-added content, nearly a month(!) ago:

That’s a pile of stuff! Multiple Navy Records Society volumes, which are particularly valuable for those studying British naval history; the Silverstone volumes and the PMARS database for those working on US naval history; Early South Carolina Newspapers Database for those interested in Southern US colonial history; several resources for steamship buffs (especially the steamship postcards available in Newman’s online collection); Mains’l Haul for Western and general history, and some random things, as well. In the past month, it looks like I’ve added content from two journal indexes, two online resources, and a pile of books.

You can always see new content added to the database on the resources page. Any content added in the past 45 days will have a “NEW!” icon next to it. As you can see from that page, that adds up to a lot of new stuff.

In addition, I’ve reimported most (but not all) of the freely-available files, so that they’ll show the illustration icon when they’ve got one. Those files were added to the database before we had the illustration and “main entry” icons, and you can still tell that an entry has an illustration — usually when the page number is in italics — but it didn’t show the icon. By processing and reimporting those files, the icons are now appearing. I’m still working on one big file, but I’ve covered a lot of the others. That’s some of what’s going on at ShipIndex world headquarters.

As always, let me know if there’s content you’d like to see added (more NRS volumes are on the way, as are a couple of important journal indexes), or if you have any other items to share.

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