Comments catastrophe!

OK, maybe not “catastrophe,” but it looks like we haven’t received any comments that folks submitted via our ‘contact us’ form, since the end of March. If you emailed us directly, which you can always do, at comments (at) shipindex (dot) org, then we did get it. But if you submitted it via the form, we didn’t. Many apologies.

We’ll get the form fixed asap, and I’ll update this post, and add a new post, when we know it’s working again. Our tech team has a bug running through it (the kind that affects humans, not the kind that affects computers), so we’re a bit understaffed today. As a result, it might take us a day or so to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Until then, and after if you prefer, feel free to email us at comments (at) shipindex (dot) org, or email me directly at peter (at) shipindex (dot) org.

Oh, we also added three Navy Records Society volumes yesterday, and got another one complete and ready to be loaded very soon. Also, we’ve been working on an absolutely enormous file for weeks and weeks and weeks, and I hope it’ll be done very soon. Man, I’ll be glad to be done with that file. Sheesh.


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