Salt Lake City, here we come…

The team is headed to the National Genealogical Society conference, in Salt Lake City, tomorrow. We’re very excited about this — it’ll be our first big place to advertise the service for individuals, and we’re very much looking forward to getting as much feedback as we can. We’ll have brochures, bottle openers, stickers, and probably some candies at the booth, along with some new banners and display stuff.

Plus, we’ll have a special subscription offer for attendees of the NGS conference, so please come by and say hello, pick up a brochure, and learn about our special offer.

Exhibits open on Wednesday at 9:30, and are open until 5pm. On Thursday and Friday, exhibits are open 9 to 5, and on Saturday they’re open 9 to 3. The exhibit hall is open to the public, without charge, so if you’re in the area, please come by BOOTH 612 to check us out and to say hello.

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