New Content: Mariner’s Mirror, and NRS volumes

Some really great content has been added recently. First is a pile of Navy Records Society volumes, specifically:

Second is ten years of the index, volumes 56 to 65, of Mariner’s Mirror. Mariner’s Mirror is the standard scholarly journal in maritime history. It’s published in Britain, by the Society for Nautical Research, and will celebrate its first centenary next year. Adding all the available indexes of Mariner’s Mirror is an important project for me, and I’m glad I was able to get this first set of files loaded. I have many more files of indexes to load, and I’ll get to them as quickly as I can.

I haven’t decided if I’ll add future indexes to this specific file, and expand its range, or have separate files for the different indexes that were published. It depends a bit on how each file works out. In this case, for instance, I expanded nearly every nationality abbreviation in the index, plus did a lot of other cleanup work. It took a long time to do. I believe it was worth it, and was the right thing to do, but it really did take a while. So, how will I balance future indexes, and will I be able to make them appear essentially the same as this data? If so, I’ll most likely just expand this one file.

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