Two new institutional subscribers

I’m pleased to report that two institutions have signed up for institutional subscriptions in the past week. Everyone at the world headquarters is excited about this. The two institutions are pretty far away from each other: East Carolina University, which offers an excellent Masters program in Maritime Studies (admittedly, as a graduate of that program, I might be a bit biased), and the Australian National Maritime Museum, in Sydney. So, while they may be some 9700 miles apart from each other, they share excellent company. (BTW, try using Google Maps to get driving directions from one to the other. In a nutshell, drive across the country to Gas Works Park in Seattle, kayak 2756 miles to Hawaii, drive down to Honolulu, then get back in the kayak and paddle 3879 miles to Japan. Why even stop in Hawaii? Really, Google? You then still need to paddle another 3300 miles down to the top of Australia, and then drive down to Sydney. I think it would be easier to just drive the 100+ miles to the Outer Banks, and start paddling from there, through the Panama Canal, and straight down to Sydney. But who am I to questions Google Topeka?)

Any individual associated with ECU (that is, any student, faculty, or staffmember) can access the complete database within Joyner Library, anywhere on campus, or from home. Anyone working from within the ANMM library, in Sydney, can similarly access the entire premium database.

Several other institutions are currently trialing If you’re affiliated with an institution that you think might benefit from access to the database, please have them give us a call. We’re still offering significant plankowner discounts that can save them a lot of money.

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