New feature: Passenger and Crew Lists icons

When we exhibited at the National Genealogical Society conference recently, we quickly learned that lots of genealogists are looking for passenger and crew lists. We knew we had some of them in the database, but they weren’t identified. I’m pleased to report that we now have an icon to indicate which citations describe passenger or crew lists.

Mike built the functionality a little while ago, but I hadn’t activated it until today. If you currently have access to the premium database, check out the following searches to see it in action:

  • Admiral Lyons
  • Loreto – results are way down at the bottom; they come from Mystic Seaport’s New London Crew Lists database
  • Lady Amherst – this result is from a database that I just discovered and loaded today, of immigration lists for vessels headed to Australia in the 19th century. It offers links to digitized versions of microfilmed versions of hand-written passenger lists.
  • Acropolis

You do need to be logged in to see these icons, at least at the moment.

Let me know what you think!

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