A Visit to the “Journeys into Genealogy” Podcast

We are thrilled to announce that our founder, Peter McCracken, was recently a guest on the “Journeys into Genealogy” podcast, hosted by the engaging Emma Cox.

Peter and Emma had a discussion on the invaluable role that maritime history plays in genealogical research. They took a deep dive into how ShipIndex.org assists historians and genealogists alike in uncovering the fascinating stories behind their ancestors’ sea voyages.

Emma Cox’s podcast, “Journeys into Genealogy“, explores the intricate world of genealogy, giving listeners unique insights into how to uncover their personal family histories. We were honored that Peter had the opportunity to share his maritime history expertise and demonstrate how ShipIndex.org can shed light on your family’s nautical past.

You can find the episode, along with other engaging genealogical journeys, at Emma Cox’s website: https://emmacox.co.uk/journeys-into-genealogy-podcast/. You can also read some comments from Peter on Emma Cox’s site.

If you have an interest in your family’s maritime history, you’ll find the conversation between Peter and Emma truly insightful. 

Set sail on your journey into genealogy with us at ShipIndex.org and join a community passionate about exploring the world’s rich maritime history.

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