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Hi. Long time no blog. Sorry about that. First off, here’s new content added since the last time I posted such a list, about a month ago:

I’ve also re-imported data from two resources in the freely-available section, to update their illustrations indicators. Previously, that hadn’t been correctly represented for a few of the freely-available titles, but I’ve been addressing that. The most important of those is Newell’s McCurdy Marine History of the Pacific Northwest, which was a particularly tough one to do, but it’s been completed, finally.

I’m also working on a few co-linking projects; I’d like to get more files from other sites online, as I’ve done with I hope to be able to announce something along those lines in the near future.

More information to follow. And, as always, we welcome knowing about titles you think should be added. I’ve got quite a list, but am always ready to add more.

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