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I’m kind of astounded by the amount of new content we’re adding here, but here comes another list. There’s some new stuff in this list — through some work with the folks at Findmypast, the genealogy research company, we’re creating links to the passenger and crew lists that are available on that site. If you’re already a subscriber to Findmypast, you’ll be able to get it to the resource easily. If you’re not,  you might want to consider joining, to take a look at what you’ll find there. Of course, we can’t guarantee how much or what sort of information will be in the Findmypast databases, but it might be worth an investigation. You just never know what you’ll find, and that’s really the whole point of More Findmypast content will be coming soon, as will many more monographs, and even some journal indexes that I found recently.

Without further ado, here’s what’s been added in the past few weeks:

More files will be uploaded soon, and many more are being processed. I’m working on the Roebuck Society volumes, which will be incredibly valuable for researchers interested in early Australian and New Zealand history. We now have nearly all Navy Records Society volumes in the database. In early May, we venture to the Library of Congress, to collect still more content! Now’s the time to tell me about other titles you’d like to see added — send us a note at comments (at) shipindex (dot) org.

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